I grew up all around California graduating from Bellflower High School.  After graduating high school, I attended Liberty University for one year where I started my path of American Sign Language.  Upon returning back from Virginia, I continued my ability to learn sign language from the Deaf community in Southern California at various Deaf events.

I have also had a number of interpreting jobs while in Southern California including community colleges, Universities, and Los Angeles Unified School District.  About six years later, I relocated to Southern Nevada where I continued to interpret in a number of settings including Platform, Educational (Kindergarten-PhD), Religious, and more.  While in Southern Nevada, I concurrently continued developing my technological skills, by volunteering my services with schools, friends, and other businesses.

After a ten-year time-frame in Southern Nevada, I relocated back to Southern California to assist my parents in their medical need which was one of the main reasons relocating to Southern Idaho.  My parents retired in Southern Idaho and my family and I came here to assist.  Since we've moved to Idaho, I've obtained my AAS in Computer Hardware and will have completed my bachelor's degree in information technology with a focus on web developing.

My goal is to use both of my skills, technology and ASL, and combine them someway, somehow.  That may not happen for years to come, but I know it will all come together.